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Educational Plan

License Exchange class AB

(normal progression)


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Online or in the Driving School

To register for the exchange education for car, you can either fill out our online form from home or on the go - or simply stop by and complete the registration in the driving school if you prefer that. To complete the registration, we need a copy of your Austrian Meldezettel and valid photo ID.

Health Check-Up


In the Driving School or Externally

In order to submit the application for the license exchange at the Verkehrsamt (transport department in Vienna), you need to complete a driving license health check-up to get a medical certificate. The medical certificate must be submitted in the original to the Verkehrsamt as soon as possible (after the registration) - either by post or delivered directly at the Verkehrsamt. Your application will not be processed without a medical certificate. Note that the certificate must be issued by a doctor who is authorized to perform driving license health check-ups (your GP is not eligible!). By the way, you can also do the driving license health check-up at the driving school. Find and book an appointment now!




The application for a license exchange is personal, meaning that you have to submit it to the Verkehrsamt yourself - we are unfortunately not able to do this for you. We can and are, however, happy to help you with the preparation of the application package. The package contains the documents and additional information required to submit the application to the Verkehrsamt, like your original driver's license, a certified translation of your original driver's license, Meldezettel (Austrian residency document) plus a copy of the Meldezettel, a valid photo ID, school confirmation form (LPD) and a valid medical certificate.


In order to apply for the license Exchange at the Verkehrsamt, you first need to get an appointment. To get an appointment, please sign up here


After you have submitted the application, it takes about 3-4 months for it to be processed. If everything is fine, you will get an approval from the Verkehrsamt and can start your education with us.

Theory Course


In the Driving School

You already have your driver's license, so the theoretical course is focusing on the traffic rules and signs that apply in Austria in order to give you a good preparation for the practical driving test. It is important to keep in mind that being able to drive and passing a driving test are two very different things. For the driving test you not only have to show that you can handle a car or motorcycle - you also have to show that you know the traffic rules and signs that are specific to Austria. The course lasts about two hours and is supplemented by a small textbook and an examination manual - both are in either Farsi, German or English. The course dates you will find under Termine (search for TA 1-2 (Farsi) or TA 1 and TA 2 which are offered in German).

Evaluation Lesson


SeeStadt and Surroundings

After you have visited the theory course and the Verkehrsamt has cleared you to proceed, we can get started. In order to assess your driving skills and also to prepare you for the practical test, you have to complete a four hour practice on the training track and an evaluation lesson in traffic for motorcycle, as well as an evaluation lesson in traffic for car. For convenience, the evaluation lesson can be booked online or in the driving school. After this, if you are ready, we can then schedule you for the driving tests.

Driving Tests


SeeStadt and Surroundings

Finally, the driving tests...:) You have now completed the education, including the theory course, the practice on the training track, the evaluation lessons for car and motorcycle and any additional driving lessons, and should be well prepared. Only the driving tests remain - but don't be nervous, OK? The tests are not about being the best driver in the world, but about being a competent, safe and responsible road user. So just do your best:)

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